We started producing this work four months ago, but with all these surreal and exceptional circumstances the world is facing, we were no longer able to produce it. Our plan was put to a halt as a result of the disturbances all around, and we returned to the exhibition’s first questions, which posed before us newer questions borne out of this emergency state. The matter is not only about a disordered work structure anymore, but a dysfunctional one.

This work tackles the artist’s obsession and cruel desire to produce. Created with the accelerating production wheel of neoliberal capitalist systems, transforming the obsession and restlessness experienced by the artist for years into a bewildered artwork within isolation. This project consists of a video of fragmented visual scenes depicting the state of the artist in quarantine; recordings by a group of artists responding to questions about production value, fear and anxiety; in addition to an audio interview of an artist's fictional dialogue with himself.

We would like to thank the artists who shared their audio recordings with us, for their thoughts, questions, and concerns during the quarantine period: Ghassan Naddaf, Shayma Nader, Mahdi Baraghithi, Hussam Ghosheh, and Dina Amro.