“I_w0rk@Artist” is a space that acts as a virtual meeting place for the exhibition visitors to join the talk about 'Labor in the Arts' via a chat room. The invitation is open to artists, cultural workers and practitioners, or for anyone who would like to share, think, text, chill or have a drink. Visitors engage with a number of flashing questions and keywords around which they share different personal views and experiences. The chat topics float along the lines of the workplace of the artist, relationships and engagement with society, financing art practices and art economy, the work conditions and the affective aspects of work. I_w0rk@Artist holds not only a chat room but also a reading room with a selected collection of texts, playlists, film suggestions, visuals and contributions from others. I_w0rk@Artist is the sixth room in Chatrooms: On Curating Spaces, a collaborative project around experiences of convening and conversing, through hosting a series of happenings that we call rooms. Each room explores different modes of participation, factors that impact social gatherings, emerging relations and collective knowledge-making, while playing around with different spatial settings, seating arrangements and venues of meeting.