Hakaya - Palestine

Hakaya - Palestine, is one of the Arab Education Forum’s cultural groups, focussed on the arts of narrating and storytelling. Formed in 2012, the Hakaya team organises various trainings for storytellers and  presents historical and folk storytelling performances. Additionally, Hakaya organises workshops tackling personal experiences, and leads initiatives to collect and document oral heritage and reproduce it artistically.

The Hakaya Palestine team includes nearly twenty storytellers from all over Palestine, participating in local and international storytelling activities and festivals. Some of whom are full-time professional storytellers, and others practice their craft alongside their regular job. The team works with a vision: to put the story back at the centre of art, learning and life. Hakaya- Palestine believes that the tale or story is the main component of culture and society, and an essential tool for education, the liberation of imagination, awareness and expression.

The team of Hakaya Palestine is part of Hakaya’s extended network in the Arab world, led by the Arab Education Forum in Jordan. We participate in organising storytelling regional activities and festivals.

The team seeks to connect groups and individuals who believe in the importance of stories, and the need to restore their role for a healthy growth of individuals and societies. It does so by implementing projects and activities on memory and cultural heritage, and promoting dialogue on identity formation and knowledge sharing. One of the most important events organised by the team is the Hakaya Palestine festival, which is held annually in March. Additionally, we organise the “Art and telling” youth camp also organised twice annually, and the “Sultan’s Tales” evenings during every Ramadan.