26 - 30th. April, 2020
Secret Cinema Workshop

Led by Rodrigo Brum. The workshop was designed to engage Palestinians in a remote exchange of audiovisual investigations of the night.

Participants: Abeer Dahbour, Areen Malkieh, Aida Ka'adan, Mahmoud Abu Shamsieh, Rula Elkhalili, Bayan Abu Hamed, Saif Hamarsha, George Tadros, Wafaa Balboul

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3rd. May, 2020
The Double Life of The Artist
Ali Hussien Al-Adawy in conversation with
Noor Abed and the audience.

artist at work again 2011, Mladen Stilinovic
artist at work again 2011, Mladen Stilinovic
A research in progress that explores the dual life of the artist/ the employee, or the cultural practitioner and the possible alternatives of elusion under the domination of  the capitalistic logic and precarity on the work of art.

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4th. June, 2020
Website Launch and Exhibition Opening

“Artist at Work” exhibition opening through and on the screen. 

Participants’ presentation of their works and open conversation with the audience.

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9th. June, 2020
Qaaf Laam in the Chatroom

In an attempt to think together about what it means to work together, Engy Mohsen and Sarah Maher (Chatrooms) and Qaaf Laam Collective invite you to join them in an open discussion about collaboration as a process that might allow us to think about our ‘subjectivity’ in relation to work, imagine alternative collectivities, and create the critical work conditions we aspire for.

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Night - By Gian Spina

The film analyzes the themes and concepts addressed in the work made by the artist Rodrigo Brum for the Artist At Work exhibition. In the film and article Brum shapes questions he had raised over the last years on what he calls the colonization of the night, its relation with the enhancement of productivity, end of sleep,alienation and the usage of multiple disciplines and technologies to hijack this space which previously was deprived from production and consumerism. Through this film Gian tries to deepen the questions raised by Brum during his long and unfinished research. This conversation allows us to understand nuances contained in his work and which might have passed unnoticed to the public.

Gian Spina - Born in São Paulo, Brazil is a writer, researcher and works sometimes as an artist. Has taught in places as International Art Academy Palestine, Escola da Cidade (São Paulo) and the Ionion Center for Arts and Culture (Greece). Today he learns Arabic, speaks five other languages and is constructing an interdisciplinary body of work on the materialization of power in the public sphere.

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